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October 15, 2011

Surface Mount Soldering Made (Sorta) Easy

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I won’t say this is the simplest and easiest way to do surface mount soldering, but it is working great for me and my students. The trick is to use a very tiny amount of solder paste and a heat gun. The information, circuit board and code that you can download here will take you through the steps to build an SMD board with a PIC16f690, eight resistors and eight LED’s. It will use two capacitive touch pads and a neat little programming trick described in Microchip App Note AN1298, to work as capactive touch sensors. The code can be compiled and edited using Great Cow Graphical Basic.

The guide to surface mount soldering, as presented at the BCTEA Conference in Kamloops, is here.

Note: Links to the full-page printed circuit board and compiled HEX code will be coming shortly, WordPress is not allowing me to upload them due to “Security Reasons”.


October 5, 2011

Congratulations, Mr. Ablett!

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My good friend and colleague, Todd Ablett, was in Ottawa today to receive the Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence. It is Canada’s top award for a K-12 teacher. Todd has had a very significant impact not just on the students at Gladstone Secondary, but also on other schools across BC. It was an honour to nominate him and a delight to see him win. I have attached his nomination here. Thank you to all who provided references and support…. YEAH TODD!!!

To see Todd’s nomination, click here: Todd Ablett Nomination for Prime Ministers Award

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